Don’t Delay in Having Damaged Braces Addressed

The special orthodontic components of traditional braces essentially create a functional system capable of correcting misaligned teeth. The realignment process relies on a series of regularly scheduled adjustments to continually tension the braces and affect the periodontal connective tissues that influence the alignment of your teeth. With time and consistent... Read more »

Good Oral Hygiene Habits Are Important for Maintaining Teeth With Traditional Braces

Traditional braces consist of various hardware components such as brackets, wires, bands and spacers which allow our orthodontist to apply tension to your teeth. With each adjustment, your periodontal connective tissues will be stretched and manipulated to gradually improve the alignment of your teeth. Maintaining good oral health and consistent... Read more »

A Single Tooth Might Need Extraction to Correct an Overcrowding Issue

Adolescence is a time of change in the human body. This includes the final stages of permanent teeth replacing primary teeth. Sometimes two or more teeth can emerge tightly spaced. This can potentially cause multiple teeth to become misaligned. Left unaddressed and overcrowding issues can increase your son or daughter’s... Read more »

Orthodontic Braces Might Help Minimize Diastema

Changes in your child’s oral structure can develop as they grow, and their jaw expands. This is often happens as their primary teeth are replaced by the 32 permanent teeth that will last them throughout adulthood. Sometimes genetics, primary tooth loss complications and changes in your child’s mouth and jaw... Read more »

Keep Your Clear Aligner Clear and Clean

While the Invisalign® clear aligners provided by Orthodontics, Inc. are designed to be very durable so that they can effectively realign your teeth and help you achieve your dream smile, they require proper care and treatment in order to remain in good shape. To help maintain the cleanliness and hygiene... Read more »

Invisalign®: For A Healthy Smile At Any Age

You can get a straighter, healthier, better-looking smile at any age! If you are concerned about displaying a professional appearance while straightening your smile, don’t fret! We have a solution for you: Invisalign®. Invisalign® straightens teeth without the use of traditional brackets, bands, and wires. Instead, the Invisalign® system uses... Read more »

How the Invisalign® Process Works

If you have chosen Invisalign®, it is likely because you are hesitant about wearing metal brackets and wires to straighten your teeth. You would love to straighten your smile without marring the beauty of it in the process. Whether you are considering taking that first step or you have already... Read more »

A Hawley Retainer Requires Good Oral Hygiene

Each of your regularly scheduled braces adjustments was designed to gradually alter the alignment of your teeth to provide you with a better functioning mouth and a more appealing smile. As you near the completion of the realignment process, you may be excited to enjoy a mouth free of orthodontic... Read more »

How to Care for Your Braces During Holiday Parties

This time of year is the perfect time to gather with family and friends and celebrate the holidays. As you do so, it’s important to keep your braces in mind. This is because if you’re not careful, your holiday parties can damage your appliance and delay your perfect smile. Our... Read more »

An Adult Can Benefit from Orthodontic Braces

People sometimes assume that orthodontic braces are reserved for adolescents who have an unappealing smile. Yet in recent years an increasing number of adults have had the alignment of their teeth corrected by having Dr. Jacob Spendlove install braces in their mouth. This involves him installing a series of metal... Read more »