The Definitions That Will Help You Understand Braces

Our team at Orthodontics, Inc. wants you to have the best orthodontic experience possible, but we understand that there might be some things standing in the way of that, like confusion. If you are ever confused about the terminology of braces, we are happy to help you by providing the... Read more »

The Not-So-Sweet Sweets for Your Orthodontic Appliance

As you align your smile with braces, we strongly recommend that you take very good care of your appliance. If you do care for your appliance, your smile will continue to shape and shift in the manner planned. If you do not, there will be serious consequences, and we don’t... Read more »

A Retention Period is Required After your Braces are Removed

Over the course of multiple adjustment sessions your teeth have been pulled into a healthy and more visually appealing alignment. Now the time has come for your braces to be removed. Of course braces are only one step in the process of providing and maintaining the ideal alignment of your... Read more »